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too many movies, not enough sleep

stewbot came up Saturday and took me out to see shaun of the dead (finally). man, that movie was great! it was sort of hard to understand the british accents at times, but i'd still give it an A over all.

after that, we put some air in the civic's tire and headed over to missing link records. i am severely disappointed in their dwindling house selection. and we couldn't find any faint albums either. what a bust!

oh... so then we changed the civic's flat tire. fun. then we headed to meijer to gear up for cookin' with stewbot. but kradams called and we decided to booze up and riot with her instead.

we all went to see the grudge drunk at loews theater. hi-fucking-larious. well, the movie wasn't so much hilarious, but the other people in the theater sure were. i was actually laughing out loud at these people. then i fell asleep. i guess that's what being up for 19 hours after 3 hours' sleep combined with stupid large amounts of vodka will do to you. (did i mention we were all still drinking in the theater?)

so, anyway, i guess i need to go see that movie again sometime. it seemed like it would be pretty ok for a scary movie, though i've heard mixed reviews about the ending.

after that movie, we went back to kradams's place and put in scary movie because we were all comparing our theater experience with the scene in scary movie where the black chick get's all mouthy in the theater. needless to say, i fell asleep during this movie too.

i woke up when keri went to bed and then, of course, couldn't go back to sleep. i watched so much shitty tv it was stupid.

today, in true 812 crew style, we went to the china buffet for breakfast. good times as always.

(hey dorso remember when you were arguing that bob evan's slogan was "it's dinner time"?)

after a short stop at the halloween store, we went back to kradams's place to chill. we ended up watching ice skating (and got to see the replay of a horrendous fall in the couples event) and some 360 show that's all about dance battling. then stewbot and i danced a little and laughed our asses off.

so, what i'm trying to say, is i had a really fucking great weekend. so, thanks to kradams, stewbot and pink panty pull downs for making that happen!

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