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guess what i should be doing that i'm not (again)


it's no wonder that i don't get statistics. i put zero time into that class (perhaps even including lectures). i am actually stressed about that class, but i know there are people who did far, FAR worse than me on all the homework, projects and the exam and they still seem to think they can pull off a passing grade. so, my theory is that if they can, then i surely can. this may, perhaps, be untrue, as their assuredness of success may actually be an arithmetic error brought about their inability to properly weight grades (which, coincidentally, may be much like a density function in statistics if i'm not mistaken (though i probably am)).

damn, there was way too much statistics talk in that sentence to be used inadvertantly by someone claiming not to get statistics.


i was trying to convince myself this morning that there are plenty of worthwhile careers that i could pursue with a BA in japanese (and a minor in math). however, the idea of spending the rest of my life doing taxes for japanese immigrants sounds both absurd and unfulfilling. maybe i could live in japan and tutor the sons and daughters of our great nation's diplomats there.

i dunno. i'm really over math though. that's for damn sure. and i'm placing all the blame on statistics.



i appreciate all the kind words everyone had for my paint job! i really am so very happy with how it turned out (even though it deviated quite a bit from my original plan). i can't wait until next summer so i can paint the bed and bath rooms too.

i feel like i should caution you all against undertaking such a project yourselves though. all told, those two rooms took me over a month to finish. it could have been done sooner, but not much sooner. all those criss-crossing stripes mean allowing for each coat of each color to dry before going on to the next. such a pain!

also, my brother is a professional painter (with muscles and endurance i lack) so he really cut down on my production times. i doubt i ever would have finished without his help. anyway, he said the living room alone was easily a thousand-dollar job if i'd had to pay for labor hours.

so, not that any of you were thinking of doing something like that yourselves, but, in case you ever do, i just thought you should know what you're getting into. of course, you can always call me to help if you're going to be doing such a neat project. i've got paint problem solving experience!
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