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boise, idaho

(boys-ey. i da ho.)

you know that one good thing about early morning classes? walking behing recently-showered boys and drafting in their deliscious boy smells. puts a smile on my face every monday and wednesday.

you know the worst thing about late night programming classes? well, it's also related to smell. i think my fellow programmers know what i mean, so i'm not going to say it here. but, boy howdy! what's bad in the morning is exponentially worse in the late evening.


i know i say it in every other entry, but i'm really loving japanese. i'm definitely going to minor in it and, barring any major life-changing events, i'm definitely going to be a part of the JET program.

this class is sort of putting a new spin on my college plans. i know i still want to teach, but maybe math isn't the thing for me. i dunno... i do know i don't love math class the way i love japanese class (or even the way i loved german class before keech gave up on it).

linguistics. hmmm... it's a definite possibility.


i really want to see shuan of the dead. i can't believe i'm interested in seeing any sort of zombie movie, but this looks so funny. i guess it's only playing at the AMC castleton arts, though.

anyone up for a hot date? ... anyone? ... friday? anyone? ... mattinee? ... anyone?

ha, sorry. i got a little caught up thinking about ferris beuller.


did you know i switch my hips when i walk? i didn't. i think it's a relatively new phenomenon for me.

i noticed it today because it exacerbates my existing conditions of taking bigger steps with my left foot than i do with my right and of veering to my left when i walk. i must seem pretty drunk to people walking behind me. in less than ten steps i find myself all the way across the damn sidewalks on campus.

sheesh! i'm in such a random mood today.

(she's a super freak SUPER FREAK she's super freaky)
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