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that weekend / the jacket you gave me / i remember

i don't know why that little poem has stuck with me for so long. i still remember cutting it out of that seventeen magazine and pasting it into my infamous blue notebook. and i remember transposing it to commemerate the first weekend i shared with my "intellectual lover" during my freshman year. when i think of that poem, i can still see the scene. blistex shined on his lips and his blond streak of hair waved in the wind as we screamed "white, white, white fight" in response to the band boosters across the empty football field.

all those memories are tied into this fall weather. marching band. guard sleepovers. soccer practices. play rehearsals. cast parties. crew. new classes. new teachers. every year, these months are where i made most of my memories. so, i think that is where my new-found fondness for fall is coming from.

and i've been thinking about all of those memories this morning because i'm all caught up in making new ones today. i'm wearing the same shirt i wore yesterday again today because it's saturated in this absolutely amazing aroma. i can just lean down close my eyes and breathe every moment back into existence.

another day, just believe,
another day, just breathe

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