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wow. i can't get over how well this semester is going for me. i've got at least 100% in three of my classes and now statistics is finally starting to sink in too.

i thought i was going to have a lot of trouble with my logic class, but, after my first exam, i know i'm going to ace it. i'm glad to have that first test out of the way too, because now i know i don't have to worry about solving proofs for extra credit during class. not that it would hurt to do that, of course. at least then i wouldn't have sit through other people's bullshit proofs. the worst part is that they don't even know that they don't know the answer. suckers...

and i'm so, SO loving japanese! i am definitely going to go as far as i can with it. i suppose i could get a minor in it, but i'm not sure what the point of that would be. i mean, i doubt they have a real need for japanese-speaking math teachers in america's urban high schools.

i got a perfect score on my first c program. i pretty much knew that i would. i was a little worried about my structure/format, but i knew my prog was dead on. all we had to do was convert a fahrenheit temperature to celsius and present it as a truncated integer, a rounded integer and a decimal accurate to the hundredths place. most people probably got that much right. but if i had any, i'd put a lot of money on the odds that the majority of my class didn't even think about how negative numbers would affect their rounding expressions. the fools!

so, now, if i can just buckle down in statistics, this semester is going to be one of the best ever. you know, i think being genuinely interested in learning japanese is really helping me stay motivated this year too. i'd forgotten how much i love to learn things when i got all caught up in just getting things over and done with.

i think it also helps that i've finally gotten over trying to balance school with pleasing my jerk wad friends. in fact, it helps a lot of my life in general to have stopped giving so much of time and energy to them.

and, speaking of energy, time for a nap!
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