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musical interlude

it feels really to be getting back into music again. i still have little desire to listen to anything at home, but i'm beginning to remember what great times shows can be.

the jazz kitchen is always a good time and will be even more so now that jo3 has told me that i shouldn't attend on the nights he plans to go.

rjd2 was most excellent, but i was much too tired to really enjoy myself. bonus points to me for inadvertently remaining under that fuck's radar that night. i just didn't have the energy for his bullshit.

and, of course, i'm still looking forward to butterfly boucher, r.e.m., morris day and the time and philly's fabulous lineup.

speaking of philly, more and more people seem to be jumping on that bandwagon everyday. i only know of one for sure that has bought a ticket, though, so we'll see how that turns out in the end. regardless, i sure am looking forward to that trip!

(whistle posse pump it up!)
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