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i fucking love my japanese class! so far i only missed 1 point on all the quizzes (from the first one, which i had to take early) and today i got extra credit on my homework for having good penmanship.

me? good penmanship? i know! it's unbelievable!

i glance around the room sometimes and see the sea of red ink spewed across the papers of the other students. i don't understand it. so far, the class has been strictly memorization. there are no concepts to understand. but they fail miserably. i pity them. and i pity their lack of desire to apply themselves.

once again, i count my blessings of intelligence, logic, adaptability, etc.

i'm a firm believer in the idea that, if you're going to do something, you should do it all the way (or do your best at it). i'm trying to avoid my previous tendency to just not do things because i couldn't give them my all and, instead, learn to better multitask and manage my resources so that i don't have to give up old things to excel at new ones.

to me, the things you do and they way you do them reflect on who you are as a person. it sickens me to see people who are ok with being classified as lazy, hapless or careless. i mean, shouldn't you want people to view you in the best light possible?

but it's all a matter of what you value as important in life. and, in that regard, to each his own. i accept that people may choose to live in any way they want, but i can't help that it still disgusts me.


so i've got my first logic exam tomorrow. i feel completely under prepared. but, yesterday i did finally figure out a problem on the board, so i feel like something must have clicked somewhere. tonight will be a long boring night of formal proofs. bleh!

stats and programming both seem to be going smoothly, but i don't yet have any grades in those classes to know for sure. i feel very comfortable with the material, however, so i will not worry. yet.

this has been the first semester in a long time where i have been almost entirely stress-free. it's a good feeling. i hope that it continues for many semesters to come.

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