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a. h. musings

when i dissect myself
my faults
i'm obsessively depressed
i should find something better to do with my life

when i observe your life
and determine that i don't want to be like you
and don't need you in my life
i should look at myself before pointing fingers

i can't win on your terms
but, of course, you don't see that
all you know
is that with me in the picture
you can't hide the bad things that you do
the monster that you've become
and in your eyes
that's my fault

but why should i apologize
for contemplating my place in society
i only want to function better in it
and help those around me to succeed as well
we are the sum of all parts
as strong as our weakest link

i do not regret that i have but one face to show the world
only that seeing you
and your stubbron refusal th change
takes the smile from it

i rejoice in the fact that i have nothing to hide
--not even from those who wish to hurt me--
that my life under lock and key
is only to protect you from yourselves
to keep your monsters at bay

i insult you with the truth
because you refuse to admit
you are a walking contradiction

jokes we once shared
are found offensive
by people who don't know a damn thing about it
the punchline hasn't changed
but, through them, the humor has
any excuse for hate, i suppose
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