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so, apparently, i like motorcycles. i guess they just take some getting used to. i think i could really like actually driving one instead of just riding along, but it will be a long time before i ever do that.

i also like how people on motorcycles all wave to each other. it's a lot cooler than when i honk at other metros and they just look at me funny or give me the finger.

did i ever tell you about that metro i saw that was modded into a pickup truck. god that was awesome.

the altima is going back up to carmel tomorrow. then it's just me and neo geo again, until death do us part. i wouldn't be at all surprised if i died before that car did. i mean, since jewsus hates me and all.


somehow my phone decided to skip ahead one day while i was asleep last night. since i didn't even know how to change the date now, i can't imagine how i could have done it on accident. but i've been having dreams that i've been sleep walking and sleep eating. so maybe they're not really dreams and i'm actually sabotaging my life while i'm asleep (and not just while i'm awake).


jeff hill and i are trying to put together an old-fashioned dinner party for the old ELOP gang (and then some) over christmas break. i really hope it works out that everyone wants to come and can. i miss those good times.


i really like well-manicured lawns (if you know what i mean). the regatta racing stripe has morphed into a swell-looking arrow thanks to the help of the glorious m3. i don't know how any girl can stand to go au natural these days. even the thought of it makes me gag, let alone the sight.


Sep. 18th, 2004 08:36 am (UTC)
Re: your'e on!
the food at our dinner parties is nice.......the rest is purdy shady.
at the last one we found some chairs out on our deck that we didn't know we had and just kinda brushed the leaves and whatnot off. we also borrow tables from fly fishing shops. it gets all white trash when it comes to tables chairs plates......hmmmm i need to get some milk crates.....

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