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weekend update

went to the fedex birthday party afterall. turns out it was mostly a high school party and i was one of two people over the age of 21. most of the boys were ridiculous metal-rock boys with black, spiked hair and all black clothing. they played air guitar and sang along to every fucking song. it was annoyingly hilarious, but i didn't have anything better to be doing, so i took some shots and got hammered.

jumping on a trampoline (with a net) while you're drunk is fucking fabulous, by the way.

every boy there who wasn't there was his girlfriend took every available opportunity to tell me just how hot and how cool i am. (ha, hot and cool! i'm fucking dairy queen over here...) a lot of them tried to get grabby with me, which i thought was a misbehaviour reserved for my douche bag madison acquaintances, but it turns out strangers think they have every right to every piece of me as well. that kind of ruins my whole theory about how people in madison learned this behavior over time from watching my pathetic relationships there. so, i guess i just put out this vibe immediately that i'm down for whatever and to hell with the consequences. i wonder how it is that i put out this vibe when that's not how i feel at all...

but, aside from that business, they were some pretty nice people. a lot of ddr fags, so maybe i can start playing up here again. *yay* but in most respects, they're still pretty high school and very naive, so i doubt i'd get into much of anything else with them. still, hooray for having friends in town again.

(relating back to my kissing conquests, the birthday boy at that party turned 20 and had never even kissed a girl! wow!)

well, i've got to go make some copies before class, more later!
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