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big thanks to the cable guy for not showing up yesterday.


work was so bad this morning. one person is on vacation, oen person called in, one person called in to quit and another person walked out after the shift started. what a mess!

and, of course, we didn't wrap up by eight o'clock so i had to leave before things were finished so i could get to the testing center on time. i told my manager i had to go and he just stood there gawking at me. i can understand how that would be frustrating for him, but there was plenty he could have done about it. anyway, i told him i didn't have time to stand around watching him be an asshole, so he should just mail my check. he was not pleased.

you know, i could easily change my schedule at the testing center if someone would approach me about it in some sort of civilized manner, but, if they're going to keep being dicks about it, i'm not going to change a thing. my presence is only required until eight o'clock and i don't get overtime for working more than five hours like i did at UPS, so fuck it. i'm out of there.

anyway, i've been watching a lot of new people come and go at fed ex since i've been working there. i feel bad for them. it's a difficult job anyway, but these poor fools just get thrown to the wolves. it's no wonder that few succeed, but it's not fair that people are punished when they've never been shown the right way to do things.

so, i've been thinking about writing some sort of memo to my sort manager or the training manager. i suppose my suggestions would probably mirror the UPS training method for the most part, outlining the need for detailed instruction, demonstration, closer supervision and periodic evaluation. for the most part, i'm interested in writing this so we might actually be able to keep some new hires around for more than a few weeks, but i wouldn't be disappointed if i leveraged my way into a training position somehow.


xtylerx was supposed to come up today, but i don't think he is now. sounds like he had a pretty exhausting night.

so, maybe i'll actually do some homework today. or maybe i'll go that that birthday party like i said i would. maybe i'll call kradams. or maybe i'll just sit around and watch movies again all weekend.


here's another quote from my stats professor (dr. wylie):

(after discussing the number of different combinations of condiments on a wendy's hamburger...) they have eight toppings choices. i don't know what they are. you could probably ask that damned mr. wendy. i hate that guy. but not nearly as much as i hate that god damned dr. ? (i didn't recognize the name) and his ? (diet or weight loss medication i think). if i had it my way, we'd devote an entire lecture to discussing those assholes on tv and we could talk about that spiky-haired kid from the dell commercials. you know, i heard he got busted for pot. that's the smartest thing he ever did. not getting busted, of course...
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