sWell (shakewell) wrote,

:::new year's resolutions:::

- drink often and heavily
- stop telling people what i think
- start telling people what i know they want to hear
- lose 23 pounds
- eat once a day
- stop buying presents for people who don't talk to me anymore
- get a job
- tell my parents i'm never going to go to school
- move out of my parents' house
- stop telling people when i cut myeslf
- start running again
- learn to act happy so people won't be so 'concerned'
- limit the time i spend on-line
- give up on love
- pay back the money i owe my parents and brother
- stop wearing my seatbelt
- try one last time to tell him i'm sorry
- do all the drugs i swore i'd never do
- stop making web pages & on-line journals
- stop stalking people
- let go of the past
Tags: resolutions
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