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class: a novel by a.h. miller

so, another semester has begun and even after attending my first lectures, i am still excited about this term.

EALC J131, beginning japanese I
i love this class (and i love that jo3 a.k.a fagatron is not in it)! it's really an adventure to learn an entirely different writing system. we learned 20 hiragana characters on the first day--that's like learning the alphabet, but without having words to associate the new sounds with. (like "a is for apple," etc.) it's crazy, but cool.

there was a lot of drama about a room change during the first lecture, so i got to see the more sociable sides of my classmates while we scrambled and waited. i'm really looking forward to getting to know some of these people throughout the school year. unfortunately, i also discovered the more "anime fag" sides of several people as well. good fucking grief! they can all rot.

STAT 350, statistics for the sciences
this class is pretty boring, but the prof knows that it's boring so he tries to be interesting. apparently, he got called of retirement to teach this class, so he's pretty damn chill about everything too. he reminds me of mr. gavin in a lot of ways. he's a little taller, skinnier and let's disfigured for surgical scars though. [did anyone else ever see gavin's scar? that has got to be one of the most disgusting things i've ever viewed. not so much the scar, but gavin's naked abdomen.]

MATH 300, logic and the foundations of algebra
a lot of people from my stats class are in this class as well. also a girl from my H114 group and a woman from my calc I class. so, i think once i settle in, i will feel pretty comfortable in this class.

the instructor happens to be the first calc prof i ever had, a polish woman whom i could barely comprehend in calc. i dropped that course because i was so boggled by her accent. i seem to understand her more now, though. i guess all that time with vlad and shen really helped learn to translate better.

this class is so foreign to me as a math student. not only do we not have to take notes, we are actually discouraged from taking notes! we're just supposed to listen and watch and take everything in. it's not about learning or understanding new material, it's about making our minds familiar and ready to understand in the future.

for those of you who know me at all, you will not be surprised to learn that this KILLS me.

extra credit points are given every day for making significant contributions to the lecture (answering someone else's questions, solving a problem, etc.). i have no problem at all with understanding the solutions that people offer, but i am completely incapable of an original idea of my own. this bothers me a lot. but, perhaps i am just not letting my mind be free enough, eh?

anyway, i'm interested to see where this class goes.

CSCI 230, introduction to programming
my first lecture was canceled because my prof couldn't find his car keys. spluh! and, consequently, my first lab was also canceled because we had nothing to talk about besides logging into phoenix.

i am pretty interested in learning to program (in C), but i don't care for most of the lecture topics (at least in the first few weeks). of course, you've heard this all before!

i ran into jenny ping after my lecture was cancelled. i'll be glad to have my campus friends back this semester.

i plan to make better friends with some of my japanese classmates, but i'm going to feel them out for a few weeks before i get too involved. i'd like to have a conversation group to go out to lunch or something every now and then. i think that would help out quite a bit.


i guess i'm going to see tanny (san_yo) and danny at their new place in bloomington on saturday night. sadly, as much as i LOVE watching people get high, i don't think i'll stick around long.

katie strandmark is back in btown, so i'll be trying to get in touch with her sometime over the weekend. and perhaps i'll see little miss me0wkp too if she isn't too busy with welcome week or brasko.


the altima and i have been reunited. life is good. (she needs another bath, though!) so, the next three weekends would be primo for taking road trips with me if anyone has any great ideas. i still need to get to king's island...
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