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the list

1.kurtis mardela
2.lucas mecham
3.patrick cantwell
4.wes abplanalp
5.josh marshall
6.jeremiah koontz
7.jeff hill
8.eli chandler
9.eli sebauer
10.nick auxier
11.nick leigh
12.ethan maple
13.nate brown
14.tyler stewart
15.joe lackner
16.ira whitacre
17.tanner owings
18.micah hofferth
19.larry richardson
20.ben rogers
21.sarah o'neal
22.dawn ellis
23.angie geisler
24.beth robinson
25.brian kendall
26.brandon lee
27.jeff lee
28.rob cooper
29.brent wooden
30.daniel gruner (ha! it counts)
31.skip scroggins (boy! did that get me in trouble!)
32.todd politzotto
33.weston gray
34.james boone
35.kyle mundy
36.josh wooten
37.jason mccullough
38.jim oliva
39.dave jager
40.clark (from the DU house)
41.ben lock
42.otis chatam
43.mike kzaisack
44.liz schrieber
45.ray tice
46.will (alphabet soup)
47.sam buhlig
48.spencer peach
49.matt finney
50.chris hale
51.ashley ross
52.andrew kahl
53.tanner ferguson
54.gordon wilker
55.matt bell
56.jason hodges
57.dom duda
58.phil scott
59.emily (the stripper)
60.blake thomas
61.jason gehlhausen
62.nate deckard
63.jason chavari
64.zach graves
65.ben smith
66.thomas baranowski
67.travis barnhill
68.brian jorgensen
69.nathanael whinery
70.shawn smith
71.daniel lindsay
72.jason king
73.andrew hartwyk
74.aaron wilkerson
75.erin stout
76.patrick blouin
77.dj miller
78.chris browder
79.jeremie dexter
80.that grand raggidy bitch who assaulted me in the bathroom
81.david burgan
82.RollHer Zombie
83.elizabeth bradshaw
84.bob regan
85.lisa stout
86.joel meador
87.brian crocker
88.evan smith
89.tim cline
90.michael baird
[updated 12.12.13]

edit: i want to play spin the bottle.



Sep. 8th, 2004 04:29 am (UTC)
Re: Hell Yeah....I made the list
Working as a Windows 2003 system admin for a local stainless steel company. It is cool and it pays the bills. Of course I am still teaching martial arts, I officialy made master rank this year. That is about it.

I miss you too. How have you been? What are you doin these days?
Sep. 10th, 2004 08:15 am (UTC)
It's been a long time
congrats on making master! that is seriously impressive! (i think i am destined to remain entry-level in all aspects for the rest of my natural life.)

i have been... well i have been. and it's always the same as it ever was.

i'm living on my own in downtown indy and still going to IUPUI. i'm working at fedex and in a workstudy position at school as well. two more additions in my long list of disposable jobs (and certainly not the last).

do i really don't have a life outside of school and work, which is good, because my life before those things was nothing but trouble.

so, sam, tell me how are you?!
Sep. 17th, 2004 04:39 am (UTC)
Re: It's been a long time
I am doing good. Just busy all of the time. As always some days are better than others. But over all I am good. I am glad to see you are in school, you have always been very intelegent. I remember us playing for hours that "You dont know jack game".

Since the last time I saw you there has been a lot now that I think about it.... E mail me and I will give you some details. kyusho.jitsu.@.gmail.com.edu.gov leave out the "." and the edu. gov stuff. This just keeps spam bots off my trail.

Sorry it took so long to reply, flood of things going on.

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