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more dreams

i woke up at 9 last night and read the most recent rolling stone before sacking out again. it had a surprising effect on my nighttime musings.

i dreamed that katie strandmark was platform diving in the olympics. the diving well was in the same building as the men's gymnastics arena. as it turned out, katie was afraid of both heights and water so she asked me to find someone to pretend to be her. (i don't know why i didn't do it, as i've recently been lamenting my non-existent diving career.) so i walk off and end up getting hit buy some dude tumbling down the vaulting arena. as i go to the first aid table to get a band aid (i'm not actually bleeding) i hear them call katie's name and look over just in time to see someone enter the water. it was the most bizarre dive. she entered head first, but her feet entered at the same time as her head because her legs we upside down. i turned around and bumped right into katie. seeing my puzzled expression, she says, "it's lori [phillips]. isn't she wonderful?"

then, suddenly, i'm on the floor of a basketball arena taking pictures of a bunch of my friends. there's like 30 of them so it takes forever to get everyone situated. then, just as i'm about to snap the picture, they all turn around. i walk to the other side of the group, but as i come around the keep turning their backs to me. i hurl the camera across the gym and storm off.

as i exit the gym, i enter this dark sort of house. my brother is there and we snoop around for a minute. it has all sorts of neat odds and ends. someone else enters briskly and we both duck for cover. i hide under a bed amongst a bunch of bright orange fuzzy pillows that remind me of tribbles. as i spread them all around me i notice theres a hole in the box springs just perfect for me to stick my head in.

somehow, we realize it's just my dad. he's wearing a trench coat like he used to wear to work in michigan and also a very 1950's hate. he tells me he just came to get his briefcase and hurries off again.

i find a piece of paper with three things listed on it. i can't remember what it said now, though. i just remember that they read like a sentence or items or something. i carry the paper into another bedroom where i find stewbot. i ask him what the things/sentence is all about and he says that i've completely misinterpreted them and they're actually the names of the three porn stars he'll be fucking today.

spooge and i follow him outside where we see this semi (the kind made for carrying liquids) cleaning up soot in the streets. the soot is packed in and crusted onto everything, so first they have to spray it off with high pressure air. it's blown all around the neighborhood. then they come by and vacuum up all the loose stuff.

back inside (presumably while stew is off fucking porn stars), spooge and i notice that above the bed there's a hole in the wall that makes another little room (attic-height ceilings). like everything else in the house, it's painted very dark blues and blacks, but, on the ceiling, there are tons of little stars.

spooge and i separate and search for the entrance. i find my niece, sadie, as well as rudy and olivia from the cosby show. together, the four of us girls find this long dark hallway lit by a weak green lantern. i'm too scared to check it out, so i convince the kids to do it as some sort of adventure.

as they explore, i see that eli has made it into the attic room. he tells me about the secret staircase but i still can't see the entrance. i lean against the wall in frustration and fall back into a labyrinth-esque gap in the wall.

it seems like there was more... but work has ruined my focus. sigh...

ca$h money millionaires

some money came up missing at the testing center. i suppose i misplaced it or someone stole it off of the desk. oops. no one's upset with me, but it's probably going to come out of my check. a whole day's work for five seconds' worth of poor decisions.

william hung jury

i have been selected for jury duty starting september 1! it is slightly less exciting for me now since that will only be my second week of classes and it will seriously fuck me over if i actually have to hear the trial for very long.

still, i'm glad to be fulfilling my civic duties.

chicago night life

hypnotique gave me the heads up about goldie and photek in chicago next weekend. i'd really like to go, but it's on a friday, which i doubt i could get off from the ex anyway and this jury duty situation certainly wouldn't be giving me any bonus points in that department.

speaking of bonus points

today i got recognized for my outstanding achievement as a loader at fed ex. they gave me a t-shirt (large), a water bottle and a radio walkman (my third to date). all this for scanning 100% of my packages (about 450 that day) and entering in 100% of the PO numbers (about 280) correctly yesterday. apparently, this feat has never before been achieved for my particular loads.

i've since declared myself loader of the millennium. i'm thinking of making some t-shirts to that effect. [dork alert]

in other eff the ex news, another of my co-workers will be leaving soon. he is moving on to bigger and better things. this will leave me completely surrounded by noobs in my work area. i can't even imagine how unbearable this will be.

house warming, hot tub style

i'm looking forward to the housewarming party for stewbot, spooge and opiate this weekend--especially the hot tub! i'm not sure what kind of festivities will be taking place, but i'm certain that good times will be had by all.
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