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these sleepless nights

i'm having trouble sleeping again. first it was the heat, then it was the cold. now it is a different cold residing here in my head. and it's also the worrying. i was so scared last night. exhausted, but frantic. i couldn't even think of ways to deal with the situation.

it felt like the sims. where my energy is in the red but since he's all up in my thought bubble i refuse to go to bed. bleh. lousy comparison.


i'm really getting sick of watching people live their lives for the excitement of getting fucked up. booze up and riot, wake and bake, roll-off and god knows what else.

drugs should be a reward, not a constant state of being.

and don't people realize the diminishing returns on using so often? bleh. i guess i'm too analytical about all of this.

dependency and addiction are for the birds. you can have them.


i hope i get some sleep today, so i can enjoy cedar point. also, i hope i sleep all the way there because i know i will be miserable in the car.

hmmm... i need to figure out a priority system for the rides!

>top thrill dragster is, of course, first, but i will not waste the entire day in line for it.
>demon drop - i say, goddamn!!!
>millennium force - tallest and fastest coaster in the universe!
>magnum xl 200
>power tower - going up, or down?
>raptor - i love inverted coasters!
>mean streak
>disaster transport - eek! it's dark.
>wicked twister
>iron dragon
>blue streak
>wild cat - haha! it's a car

perhaps i will also look into the ripcord skycoaster and go karts!


ugh. the internet has worn me out.


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Aug. 14th, 2004 03:29 pm (UTC)
"dependency and addiction are for the birds" I'm a recovering pill head. I haven't had a pill for over a month. I would spend at least $100/week. I quit smoking. I've only had 5 cigs this week. I feel %120 better and happier. I couldn't see how good it can be without, because I was locked in. I rewarded myself last night and boozed it up. I ended up getting into a fight. Well it wasn't a real fight, more like a skirmish. Boxing + drinking = pissed off people. It was suppose to be a friendly match, but the dude ended up getting pissed. Ceader Point... I've never been but I heard it is da shiznit.
Aug. 14th, 2004 04:24 pm (UTC)
i rode the millenium force three times in one day when it was brand new. it took up like 10 hours of my day, but it was well worth it!
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