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sugar high

i crave desserts like mad. MAD. generally, i do not have the willpower to abstain. it's getting pretty ridiculous.

i think the depression causes the cravings, so it makes sense that they've spike recently.

where was i when they taught this apparently universal coping skill to simply deal with the world?

i do not think i will ever change. (i don't think anyone ever changes, actually. people learn and grow, but i never see them unlearn.)


my brother was at my apartment while i was out yesterday. i came home to find the lazarus macy's catalog in the bathroom, opened to the lingerie section.



my friends at work are picking on me now. they think it's absolutely hilarious. yesterday someone dumped lemonade over my head and today it was water while i was snoozing before the shift.

now i'm not sad that they're leaving anymore.

other people seem to notice that i am upset. they ask if i'm ok and if they're anything they can do, but i'm too busy hating life to appreciate the gestures.

i am such a jerk.


i'm so effing tired.


i'm hanging out with sameer in the testing center today. talk, talk, talk. he's nice though. he insists i need to transfer to bloomington. heh.

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