sWell (shakewell) wrote,

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sleepy girl

i've been thinking recently about how much i appreciate being well-rounded these days. it used to bother me that i wasn't particularly good at any one thing specifically. i despised my unremarkability.

but, now, it seems so right. if i wanted to be, i could be self-sufficient in almost all aspects of my life. i don't need to regurgitate the thoughts and ideas of other people because i'm intelligent enough to reason things out on my own.

and as much as i hated being mediocre in high school (as mediocre as you can be in the honors program), i'm so very glad that i did't have to sacrifice literary style for deductive reasoning.

i'm feeling very balanced anymore and it's quite nice. and what's even better is that, even in this balanced scale, i still hold more weight than most people.

i used to feel so inferior. to everyone. for everything.

thank god for self realization.
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