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so my big plan for today (yes, my life is this boring) was to come to the lab after class and write about my first day with my new manager. it was an eventful day, to be sure.

but today was so much better!


for starters let me explain how my work area is set up. there's one long conveyor belt about 4 feet wide and package cars are backed up to it on both sides. the belt runs straight into a trailer at the end and that is where i work. i'm responsible for the trailer and one packager car. the guy working next (chad) to me on my side has three cars to load.

so, chad was late as usual so i picked off his packages for him and put them near their respective vans. eventually, i get busy and i can't keep up with his stuff and my stuff, so i just make one big pile of his stuff. well, it turns out that chad wasn't just late, he actually wasn't coming in. but my new boss (curtis) didn't bother to make any sort of accommodation for this, so chad's stuff just kept piling up. (also, there was also a lot of shit coming down the belt that wasn't even chad's and belonged in trucks in front of him, so these piles were growing very rapidly).

curtis strolls up and begins casually loading chad's vans. i'd say he loaded about one package for every three that slipped past him to me. they called my old boss in (she was just an interim manager) and also brought over kid from another belt to help load. you'd think (well, i would anyway) that three people could manage to catch the packages for three trucks, but they couldn't.

as is custom, i slide packages back up to curtis that either belong in his cars or those in front of him. he let's them slide right back. this happens a few times. finally, he says, "why are you pushing these at me. i don't know what to do with them." i explain that they are runbacks to him or someone else and that is how we deal with them. you take packages to the person in front of you and they move them up to the person in front of them until they get where they need to be. i said, "that's how we do it."

"no it's not," he tells me. huh?!!? so i ask him how we do it then and he says something like "not like that."


so, my pile became a mountain 15 feet long and 6 feet high (however high i can reach, whatever that is). i run out of places to stack things. so, packages stay on this conveyor belt. (there's a stop bar before they can roll into the trailer). at this point, i am actually trapped. i toss a small, light box over to curtis' truck and he comes out and tells me to watch what i'm doing with the boxes.

so, i just sat there. i don't know how long. i would have gone the rest of the night like that. i mean, where could i go? and there was nothing for me to do as far as loading my trucks was concerned. so, curtis seems displeased that i'm loafing. he starts tossing my packages down the belt to me.


i don't think he understood my implications. he is, after all, a complete tool.

at the end of the shift, some other people dig me out of my package castle from the outside (curtis was content with letting them build up and never removing a single one from the pile). while i finished loading my trucks, curtis came down and said, "i know you had a bad day today. we'll have a better one tomorrow, ok? have a good day tomorrow, alright?"

"i had a fucking fabulous day today, curtis. tomorrow will be fine. i think you're the one having bad days."

i think he kept talking. i dunno. i left.


in our meeting curtis discussed how i (me, ha!) was so backed up yesterday and how we needed to avoid that today. he also harped on me for my poor scanning accuracy (which had everything to do with his mess and nothing to do with my skill, not that he would know that).

down at my trailer i told him i thought it was incredibly rude and cowardly for him to tell the group that i was backed up when 99% of those packages were his and 0% (within my reach) were mine) he said something again about having a good day. he said i knew i was mad and frustrated the other day but that it was ok because all women are like that. (i let that slide for the moment.) also, he liked that about me because he likes aggressive women. he mentioned how he'd stayed calm and cool and how he thought that was so much better. i told him i thought it would have been a great deal better if he'd gotten a little mad about other people not doing their jobs and gotten a little excited about doing his.

(ugh i hate to do this, but i'm sick of saying he said she said.)

Curtis: well what can i do to make today better?
catch your shit and get other people to catch their shit.
Curtis: well that won't be a problem today.
it shouldn't have been a problem yesterday.

now, i forget how it happened exactly. but, somehow, curtis insulted women again. he called me something but i don't remember what.

EXCUSE ME?! you've already insulted my entire sex once and now you're saying we're ______? you need to just shut your fucking mouth, curtis.
Curtis: no, that's not what i meant.
well that's what you said.
Curtis: no i didn't say that.
Curtis: i didn't say that. what i meant was...
now you're going to lie to me about what i heard you say 5 seconds ago? you just need to walk the fuck away, curtis.
Curtis: no what i said was...
FUCKING CHRIST CURTIS! SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH RIGHT NOW! i'm done with you! i'm sure you don't remember what you said because i KNOW you didn't think about it before you opened your mouth. but i heard you just fine and i guarantee that it is in your best fucking interest to just walk away from this right now.

and then he walked away.

i'm sure i could be easily fired for this. but, i guarantee i'm more worthwhile to fedex than curtis will ever be. and if his days continue on like this (he's not just having incidents with me, he's also doing a TERRIBLE job) they are definitely numbered.

still, i can't believe i yelled at him. it wasn't angry yelling though. angry yelling would have explained to him (loudly) what a worthless piece of lazy shit he was. this was just exasperated yet amused yelling. i had the same sort of amused feeling i had when dane asked if he could jump my bones. i mean, are people really this fucking stupid?
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