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annual boat races

so in honor of stewbot's birthday and that fabulous white trash expo (the madison regatta) we had us some boat races in bloomington last night. thanks to teams total domination, nasboat, MGD, dj spins a lot, ramrod and (oh i guess that makes us team) fuck-up for participating.

i'm not sure who actually won, so i'm declaring myself the winner. i think, after 15 hours of straight boozing, i deserve that title more than any of those hatin'-ass, pukin-ass, pussy-ass fools at the party.

i am completely amazed that i was still drinking at noon today. but, i guess, if you're going to do something, you'd better just do it 'til something bad happens.

i'd like to take a moment now to thank dane for the following quote of the night:

so... can i jump your bones?

i mean, come on! who the fuck says that and what ever happened to the art of seduction?

well, anyway, it's good to be back in the social loop again. i definitely enjoyed my time away, but i missed my friends more than i realized. so, thanks to everyone who came out to the party last night. i had such a blast. and i had more awesome conversations than i even knew how to deal with. it had been far too long since i had a decent conversation with anyone outside my immediate family.

good times.

so, i don't think i'll be making it to madison tonight. i can't handle any more partying and i don't so much have a place to stay. some other time, i guess. sorry.
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