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bi-fucking sexual?! what a fag!

generally, i'm totally cool with people being gay (or bi). but, goddamn! could i just like not have another gay ex-boyfriend as long as i live?

i didn't know it was official. or maybe i did and i blocked it out. (i think this is the case.)

so that makes 3 officially (and 4 probably). go me.

any of you guys looking to be gay? we can fuck and that should seal the deal. hell, i turned one before we ever got to third base.


life (love?) is like so impossible sometimes.

(sorry i'm saying like all the time. i've been watching too much my so-called life.

so, from now own. my dates must weigh at least as much as me, not wear women's clothing, be somewhat athletically inclined, never have had ANY non-platonic contact with another man.

i'm completely disenfranchised with this mate-finding business. i mean... why fucking bother? i continue to set myself up with obstinate, immature, effeminate, aloof guys.

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