sWell (shakewell) wrote,

ain't that the truth


You are concerned too much about everything...


even my calculus professor, who doesn't know me at all (despite numerous face-to-face conversations), can sum me up in one sentence.

i guess i'll take the make-up test after all.

can you believe i got 43% with out any formulas or examples? hell, there were at least two problems i had never even worked out in the homework assignments.

i tell you what, kids, i really am fucking awesome. lol.


my financial aid is taking forever to come through, and summer is going to be over before i even get to accept this fucking summer work-study position. i really love how no one at this school knows how to do his job in any way whatsoever.

speaking of which, i've been getting dicked around on my psychology course from Shocker U transferring to IUPUI since day one. i make a few phone calls every few months but i just get referred to someone else who (SURPRISE!) doesn't know how to do their job either. i'm getting pretty sick of it. today i thought for sure i would get it all figured out since i finally got a hold of the head of ... well i forget what he was the head of exactly (something in the math dept), but it sounded like just what i needed! but, he just told me that i actually needed to talk to someone from the psychology department. the worst part about getting jerked around this time is that if the psychology department won't accept the credit then i have to come back to this guy in the math dept to have him try. why the fuck couldn't he just do it right then?!!

i'm going to punch someone if i have to take this stupid intro to psychology course again. what a bore!


so regatta is just around the corner. who is down for the great ipwib scavenger-ganza?! it's going to be much like the scavenger hunt from viva la bam or whatever the hell that show on mtv is called. all points will be verified photographically. i hadn't thought about a prize yet. i think the contest in itself will be worth it. most items will involve strangers or intoxicants. (that's an inclusive "or" by the way, meaning and/or.)

you gotta regatta!
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