sWell (shakewell) wrote,

no, i really am a tool

after emailing me last night saying that i could retake yesterday's exam, my professor sent off another email this morning remarking that it was completely unbelievable that i didn't know he'd changed the exam date.

of course, he said i could still re-take the exam.

but i didn't even want to retake this exam! i requested that he let me take the final, because i knew that he wouldn't believe what i told him (even though it was the absolute truth). so, he tried to tell me that it was too late for me to request to take the exam because i hadn't said i wanted to 7 weeks ago when he asked the class. but i fucking did! so, i got a little pissed off...

i told him i didn't want any fucking favors from him since he obviously didn't think i deserved any.

i really hope that i someday learn how to deal with people. i could easily pass this class with flying colors if i just let this guy go on thinking i'm a worthless liar. but, no, i've got to have principles. i'd rather take an F than have some stupid professor think i'm dishonest.

what the fuck is my problem?

i guess now i'm trying to sabotage my life under the subterfuge of high-minded morals.

my life is so completely laughable.
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