sWell (shakewell) wrote,

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tooling around

i am the biggest tool that ever walked the face of this earth.

i am the summation of all the tools that ever were and all the tools that will ever be.

my calculus professor changed the date of my exam this week. because he is chinese and i never listen to him, i was completely unaware of the change.

i completely bombed a test i could have easily aced today, simply because i did not have my formula sheet prepared. my homework was turned in incomplete because i thought i had another day to finish it.

all i fucking did today was lie in bed watching my so-called life.

in one fucking day, i completely negated six weeks worth of work.

how is it that i never have any fucking clue what is going on in the world around me? am i so introspective that i become completely oblivious to everything outside of myself?

why can't i stop living in my head?
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