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i fucking hate this fucking town.

i can't believe i thought it was a good idea to drive down here this early. what was i thinking?!

i have this terrible fear that i will wake my sister up if i go to her house. i always do that when i come to madison, because i always forget to call her and ask if it's ok that i stay with her. i'm really not in the mood for her to be mean to me right now.

i know it's only noon, but if i don't find something to do very soon then i'm pretty sure i am going to start drinking. i will go to clifty, get hammered and fall asleep in the sun. lol.

what's wrong with me?

i'm hungry, but i hate eating alone in this town. someone always recognizes me and insists on chatting with me. with no companion i find it hard to make a quick exit. i wish i could make my cell phone (i almost wrote self phone) ring whenever i needed it too.

i'm so tired...

someone please rescue me.




ok. i'm going to do it... i pray she's not asleep.

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