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sleep deprivation

so i napped for a couple of hours before work last night. i was in and out of sleep, waking up about every 30 minutes.

i had a dream that i worked in a flavor making factory with my brother (and some other friends too, i think). we were making flavors for RC Cola. my brother had to take an exam but really all he had to do was write the recipe down 300 times. the recipe was kind of like a cheat code for nintendo games (ABABLLRR).

while he was writing out his exam, i collapsed with stabbing pains in my lower back. my legs were paralyzed. my foreman told me he couldn't give me an epidural because i was already in so much pain. my brother couldn't stop writing his exam.

then i woke up.

but i couldn't move. at all. it was so weird. i remember looking over at my computer and seeing futurama still playing. i fell back asleep pretty quickly.

the dream continued.

somehow, i secured a golf cart and drove to the doctor's office. i was still outside, but there was an information kiosk like you'd see in a big office building. i was trying to stop the golf cart at the kiosk, but my legs were paralyzed! lol. some how i would stop for a second but them move forward a few more inches. stop. move. you get the picture.

the man at the kiosk told me how to get to the doctor's office in the building. take the lift to the 5th floor, switch halls (i knew he meant switch elevator cars, but that's not what he said), take that to the 20th floor and then take the stairs from there to the 21st floor.

i hurled myself out of the golf cart and dragged myself over to the elevator. i think i only made it to the fifth floor and then forgot the rest of the instructions. i was wandering around the building (still dragging myself around) and it appeared to be some sort of nursery. there was blue shag carpet everywhere and about 100 little cubby holes filled with baby toys around the edges of this huge room. huge with regard to floor space. the ceiling was low like an attic.

the man from the kiosk came to find me and said, "sometimes you just need a friend" in this supremely creepy way. i wanted to get away from him, but i still couldn't use my legs.

and i woke up again. and i couldn't move again. and the left side of my face/chin was numb.

back asleep... "sometimes you just need a friend," he said again, "to take you to the emergency room." he explained that the doctor had left for the day and if i needed help i'd have to go to the ER. i argued with him about how i didn't have insurance and i couldn't afford to go. i was even crying about it.

he walked over to pick me up i think, but i woke up again. both my arms were asleep, which was odd, because normally it's just one arm that's asleep when i wake up. (i sleep on stomach and prop my head on my arm.) and it was especially strange, because i wasn't sleeping on my stomach. i was still lying on my back just like i had been when i'd woken up those other times.

i know you're paralyzed when you're in deep sleep, but i didn't know you could wake up like that. it was really scary. and i can deal with my arms being asleep when i wake up, but having my chin numb like that was really weird.

i guess i just have horrible circulation, which isn't much of a surprise.

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