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bow to me

i have just been elected the new world leader.


as much as i hate risk. i like winning risk. and i like playing the new risk (2210 a.d.) because everyone else automatically sucks as much as i do. ahhh.... what a great giftmas present. i never beat my brother and dad in risk! life is grand.

so i hope all of your giftmases are going as well as mine. whoa... have i told you how well mine is going?! well, in case i haven't i will now. giftmas is going smashingly! spooge and twoscoops came up to richtown. we played dance dance and shoot 'em up games. thur let me borrow his home ddr pad and his ddr game and spooge bought a playstation just so we could play this week! and we thieved about a thousand aol cds from wal*hell to boot! i totally schooled my brother and my dad in a game i never win and almost never play because i hate it so much. we had a ham for dinner and it didn't taste like ass! for the first time in ages - well since secret santa probably - my bro and i got presents for both our parents. and, for once, they liked them!

and snow...

i forgot how much i loved the snow.

i'm not going to talk about it, though, because it will just make me sound like this huge emo dork (which i am... but that's not the point). maybe i'll tell you some stories some other time.

for now, i hope you're all having wonderful giftmases with your families and friends. i hope that santa gives you all that you want and need.

and remember, kids, even when you life is as horrible as mine, sometimes things are almost sort of all right.
Tags: banjo, giftmas, silly, spooge
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