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more crazy dreams on swellivision

so a few days ago, i had a dream i was in italy. and jason mraz was there trying to buy pot. and everyone was following him around. we ended up in some bar that was seemed more like a huge catholic cathedral than a pub. these guys were following me around or harassing me or something so i borrowed on of their cell phones to call the police. but i don't speak italian. so i spoke german. sort of. (i don't really speak much german either.)

also, i dreamed that i went canoeing with my family. we only went a few feet downstream and then just hung out on these rocks all day. apparently, there was a huge pirate ship/water park further downstream and that's where everyone else was hanging out. this killer whale beached itself on the rocks near me and kept telling me how shallow it was there. i tried to walk out a little ways but the water was SO deep and i fell in and cut up my legs a bunch. apparently, i was fretting about a calculus exam but some girl talked me into going to my prof's office to take it. it was just around the corner from the beached whale. (did i mention that this 'river' was really all on some sound stage or something, with lights hanging from rafters in the ceiling?) while i was in my prof's office, i got a terrible nose bleed that just wouldn't quit.

last night i dreamt (ha! dreamt, dreamed... i'm so inconsistent!) anyway, i dreamt that i woke up and i was puking up cicadas nonstop. it was a lot like that guy in the green mile. i was puking so much i went blind. i was wandering around the apartment trying to get help, but joe just kept asking me if he had any mail. there were swarms and swarms of these bugs absolutely everywhere and he just kept asking, "have you checked the mail today? i'm expecting a letter."

i love having such neat dreams.


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May. 27th, 2004 08:29 am (UTC)
i was puking up cicadas nonstop
eww. thats pretty gross! hah! those things are so bad here by our house. I have to hold Ayden's ears to walk outside.
May. 27th, 2004 08:55 am (UTC)
hahaha thats really funny about joe haha
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