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spread love (all over the world)

well, i've been debating this for a few days now and i think i've made up my mind. due to all the drama associated with my birthday party, i've decided to cancel it. it may, in fact, be rescheduled at a later date, but i doubt it.

perhaps i'll just be having a good time at a party one night and i'll say, "this is my birthday party right here. right now." and it just won't have a chance to suck because i will have sneaked right past all those plans and details that always seem to bring me down.

anyway, i will definitely be on hiatus that weekend (june 11-14). i may drive up to retrieve xtylerx, but if that doesn't work out, i'm off to north carolina see the ocean.

anyone want to come with?

anyone want to send me a mixed cd for the drive? if not, i'll probably just listen to this song on repeat for a few hundred miles, then disco babes, then silver screen. that will probably be the whole trip.

oh! unless i have my bump & grind mixes by then too.

so, if you were planning on spending time with me for my birthday, well, i'm sorry that you made plans without consulting me first. lol. i'm not sorry i'm going.
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