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cavity serach

so, at work this week, i noticed that when i step down off of things i don't do it very gracefully. hence, i don't absorb the shock with my knees as much as i should (read: not at all) and i can feel the jolt even in my head. now, i'm fairly certain that i don't actually knock my upper and lower teeth together, but i have noticed a strange pain in my face. it's on the inner 'apple' of my cheek.

at first, i thought maybe i was hitting some fillings on fillings or just some pointy tooth on an upper filling, but then i determined that i'm not hitting any teeth on anything.

a couple days later i noticed that i also feel this pain when i turn my head upside down. so, now, i'm leaning towards a hypothesis involving my sinus cavity and perhaps some terrible infection. i think that would explain this unrelenting sickness of the past couple weeks and the lack off effectiveness achieved from antihistamines.

i have some antibiotics i can take, but i am not really all that pumped about taking them. i don't like taking medicine. i don't know why. probably because it never seems to work. i know i don't like the idea of taking antibiotics without a definite diagnosis. of course, we all know i'm not going to the damn doctor.

we'll see i guess. i'm going to put it off for a while longer. in fact, i'll sleep on it! g'night, fools!

ps - i don't even want to hear about what you think of my music selection unless you like it too! i told you i'm a sucker for bubble gum pop and i already know that it's no "good."

edit: it occurs to me that my sinus cavity probably isn't big enough to be in the same place as this pain is (though i know nothing of facial anatomy). so much for my scientific reasoning.


May. 22nd, 2004 08:56 am (UTC)
thanks for the advice!
i was actually looking for advice, but i changed my subject line (to be funny) and didn't realize that i took out my request.

i'm assuming the antibiotics i got (my friend's dad is a pharmacist) are what i would need since i had to describe all my symptoms first. but i'm sure i'll look them up before i ever get around to taking them.

ah well and i just googled up some sinus images and i think my pain is definitely sinus related now. sinuses are huge!!

and apparently cheek pain is a symptom of sinusitis.

antibiotics here i come!

thanks, tim!
May. 22nd, 2004 09:06 am (UTC)
Re: thanks for the advice!
haha, yes your cheecks and even your forhead hurting can be sinusitis. like a real bad constant headache.

and if a pharmacist gave them to you after you telling him the symptoms, i wouldn't worry at all!

go for them!

no problem!


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