sWell (shakewell) wrote,

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stuff i hate

:that the perfect time for mowing grass coincides with my after-work bedtime.
:that this free pizza deal didn't pan out at all!
:that every time i want to refill my water pitcher (which never seems to have more than half a glass of water in it) i have to move his dirty dishes out of the sink.
:that in apartment twice the size of vialet's ass he would use headphones, but in an apartment the size of my boobs he has to crank up the volume.
:that i can't open my windows more than a half inch because raja sneaks inside of them and climbs up the screens.
:that i don't get to take a final in calculus, because i'm the only one who wanted to do so.
:that the drugs don't work.
:that my car just won't die; it has to break in every way possible first.
:that i have to wear pants in my apartment for ten more days. (it's SO hot!)
:that i can't afford to use my air conditioner.
:that i can't donate plasma. (those fucks!)
:that i have to get another job--immediately.
:that my birthday plans are falling through (again).
:that i'm starving!!!!!!!!!!!

in light of all this, i love my life.
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