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rock the vote

15 problems. 1 hour.


in other news, i have been selected for jury duty!!!!! i am so incredibly excited about this. my "fellow citizens need [my] assistance!" and it's federal court. this is big time. i'm on call for three months, but i'll probably only serve a week at the most. i wish i'd get to do more. i wish i could volunteer for jury duty. i wish i could be a professional juror. lol. i guess that's like a judge. hrmph.

civic responsibility rules.

speaking of which, are you fools registered to vote yet? if not, rock the vote. you can fill out and print the registration form there if you need it.

hmmm here is an interesting article about voting and college students. i've never had to vote by absentee ballot or even been anywhere else long enough to vote in an election there, but i'd be pissed if i had.

man this country is fucked up.

sometimes, i still want to run for president. not that i'm anything special. i just wich we could take the politics out of the political arena and do what's right.

le sigh.

now i'm disheartened. i'm going to bed.

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