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i should be doing calculus

i really like plays on words.

i'm totally sick of being sick.

i want to name my piano. i'm considering talula. ha. or maybe sharice or shaniqua!

my first calc exam is in one week. *eep*

i totally understand calculus. i'm just not very good at applying it. also, i'm terribly sloppy and absent-minded. i wish this was a theory class.

techno and calculus do not mix.

i may need a new catalytic converter for the neo geo, but hopefully it just needs reconnecting. if it's going to cost me more than $20, then it's going to cost more than my car is worth. so, i will probably just ghetto rig it. and by 'i' i mean some sorry sucker will do it for me. like my dad. or my brother. the fools!

in the meantime, i may die from the fumes in my car. remind me to avoid traffic jams and keep my windows down.

i think i finished up my dance mix (bump & grind). i'm very excited about it. stewbot is even going to mix it up for me. *yay*

my parents are looking at some more houses this week. dadio says they'll probably have a new place by july. cool. cool.

ummm... i guess that's it! back to the books. =(

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