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minor annoyances

if people could just get the fuck over me, that would be awesome. totally awesome.

and, actually, they don't need to get over me. they need to get over themselves. they need to understand what love is.

if you love someone, you want them to be happy--no matter what that means. if they're not happy with you, then you let them go. you rejoice in the fact that you're not holding them back or hurting them. you deal with your pain and you don't guilt them into anything.

nick ****: "let me tell you just one thing before i go... i still taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes.... but we were not meant to be together and thats just how it goes.... i tried to find a way in but every door was closed.... so now my love for you is nothing but a dead rose"

drop it, nick. nothing ever happened and it happened six months ago.

if you can't comply with one simple request (don't EVER talk to me again about what could have been), then i suggest you get some help with these fucking issues.


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