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the rhyme of the young midwesterner

because i always think with reason.
and never with rhyme or rhythm.

if you can't get the meter, i suggest giving depeche mode's "dream on" a listen.

originally, this was just one long thought. but i broke it up by measure (4 x 4) so the rhythm would be easier to see. (hear?)

there are some really bad parts. i know it. but i think there are a few winning lines here as well. (i especially like the line about the record grooves and i NEVER would have thought of that if i weren't trying to rhyme.) so, all in all, it was an interesting exercise to do and could prove somewhat useful if i were ever writing for a non-informative purpose.

also, fuck trying to rhyme with wound!

sleeps in fits and starts again don't know
where she's going or where she been but
with weak knees and lust for sin
she creeps beneath her crawling skin

weight of his world is bearing down on
hips so sick and lightly browned
her hands are tied she's gagged and bound
it's pain for love and pound for pound

there's something in the way she moves she
builds you up and then removes
anything that's ever proved
she's deeper than the record grooves

she isn't fine she isn't smart she's
just two lonely body parts
a heavy head and hollow heart
and every day they fall apart

so she
packs her bags picks up the pieces
fakes a smile and hides the creases
with each day her faith decreases but
in the end she knows what peace is

summer nights in foreign cars
racing underneath the stars
no wrong turns and no holds barred
anything to heal those scars

running from her last demon her
safety net has come undone
gasp for air but run run run
honey he's the only one

world comes grinding to a halt
she's giving in to his assault
running was her only fault
but knowing now feels just like salt

biting pain in open wounds he's
dialing in he's finely tuned to
all the rights that she's impugned and
all the wrongs for which she's swooned

left her there she's all alone don't
write don't knock don't telephone
this girl is dead that bird has flown there
was no way she could have known
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