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i honestly didn't think it was possible for the neo geo (my car) to be any more embarrassing while it was still functioning, but today has proved me wrong. something has happened to my exhaust or muffler i guess and it's just ridiculously loud. so loud i actually considered pulling over and walking the rest of the way home because i couldn't bear the nasty looks i as getting at every stop light (and i manage to hit every single red on the way through downtown).

i mean i drive a fucking geo metro for christ's sake! isn't that punishment enough?

i guess i'm going to start riding my bike to work. maybe. i'm kind of scared about that.

speaking of work, i got tricked into taking on more responsibility. jerks. earlier this week i helped another guy out with one of his trucks. afterward, my boss asked said, "well, you could probably handle that truck by yourself, huh?" i told him that no i couldn't, because i'm too stupid.

i'm not actually too stupid. but i worry constantly about everything. and i really don't feel like i get paid enough to worry about anything more at work than i already do.

well, anyway, the guy i helped called in today so i got stuck with that truck. god! i stressed out about it all morning. loading a package car is so much more involved than loading my trailer AND no one ever taught me how to do it. so, every free second i got, i spend checking an re-checking and worrying and stressing. ugh.


the driver came in and said that's the best his truck has looked in ages!

you know whats weird? (i'm sure you don't because 1) you don't know the first thing about my job functions and B) you don't care to hear about them either.) people at work tease me because i'm good at my job. because i'm better than they are. because i'm efficient and organized. but, isn't that the point? to do a good job?

i guess i'm a goody two shoes or whatever. people always thought i was a teacher's pet in school too. i wasn't. i'm just smart. and i try to be good at everything i do.

fuck what everyone else thinks.

that's right. i said it.



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