sWell (shakewell) wrote,

she's high class, baby

so my calc prof is not russian.

however, he is chinese.

and short.

so, not only can i not understand what he is saying, i can only see half of what he writes on the board.

oh well.

lecture is just long enough for me to finish most of my homework in class. (thank god he only assigns 20 problems each day!)

i'm really glad that the hardest part about calc for me is just showing up for class. i don't need to be taught; i can teach myself. and i'm very grateful for that.

i can't imagine what a pain it must be to actually need another person around to interpret information for you. to break things down and explain them.

i'm not saying i'm a genius or anything. i just learn better from a text book. and from experience. trial and error.

back to homework...
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