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literary lapses

every muscle aches with a memory.

the pain makes day-to-day life miserable, but the memories tied to it are energizing and invigorating.

if i were a better writer i'd do something with that, but i'm at a loss right now.

i'm all caught up in thinking about the fountainhead this morning and i wish that more of you jerks would read it so i could talk about it and be understood. although, at the moment, i barely understand the connection.

i'm just picturing those days when dominique would go to the rock quarry and see howard slaving with every last bit of his energy. and when he walked back home he'd be completely drained and physically exhausted. but he was a slave to no man. he never sold out to anyone.

ah fuck i dunno...

i need to read that book again.


work is going well. i am now consistenly the best performer on the belt, which is cool. it's pretty obvious that i work a lot harder than everyone else though. oh well. i like the satisfaction of a job well done. (most of the time) i can't stand anything less.


classes start today. eek! eek! i'm excited, though. nervously excited. we'll see how i feel after 8pm though. ;)
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