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random memories

nude female soccer night with badrew & killbot

stealing the keg with stewbot & jo3

seeing the suicide machines in cincy with xtylerx and jo3


general late-night tomfoolery in downtown madison with killbot

a wake up call from nick auxier

will (dude!) teaching me the joy's of the alphabet in oak hill

slides, choclair, barefeet, sunrises and the rain in oak hill with overlord, banjo and opiate

the tearoom tequilla party with j-money, thur, opiate, overlord, jboone, killbot, stephanie and that crazy raver bitch that just wouldn't go away

rez-a-roller with stewbot, jboone, j-money, chuwie and liz

keg stands at the kansas house(go kradams!)

crown royal shots at the kansas house (you suck, reatta!)


the DUs

dry ridge with chuwie, spooge, ben, thur, vegeta_death, sparks, banjo, fa1ry_g1rl and jo3

sparks and the drug dog the night he lost his roll

barbie calling kradams' cell phone

pixylayn's "awesome" party at the sahara grotto and riding seven deep in the camero (jo3, pixylayn, fa1ry_g1rl, vegeta_death, ben, thur and i

2 live crew with thur and vegeta_death

badrew's playhouse

hot date at the mini-mart with stewbot (with free refills from the red pepper)

bad boy bill at "la discoteqa" with stewbot, surjay, chuwie, spooge, kradams, killbot, cope and krista

killbot's lobster-like claws

"i know this sounds stupid, but everything tastes fuzzy"

"the keys (wah wah wah), chuwie. (wah wah wah) the keys!"

chicago with stewbot and without fa1ry_g1rl & vegeta_death

the tearoom vodka party with overlord, spooge, bekki, kris and killbot

st patty's day syrup chugging with chuwie (i won, fool!)

breakfast pizza burnination at the kansas house

kradams's 18th birthday party at the playhouse (passed the fuck out!)


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