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i seek you

stupid random people keep messaging me on icq. usually i just ignore them (especially if their info includes words or phrases like stud, babe magnet, fuck, pussy, ladies' man or lover). but tonight i was incredibly bored and said hello to a boy from bloomington. so we exchanged a few notes. "where are you from?" "why are you up so late?" etc. and then of course, "do you have a pic?"

i don't know why that pisses me off so much. i guess i'm just really fed up with being hit on. i don't know why. it's not like it happens all that often. anyway, after that people seem to find their way onto my ignore list rather quickly. am i a bitch? yeah, probably. but that's my right.

i think, from now on, i'm going to send people pictures of fat, homely girls. then i'll see if they still talk to me. if not, no skin off my back. they'll still end up on my ignore list. and if they do, maybe then i'll tell them i lied. i don't know why it matters. i know i'll never meet these people. i'll probably never even talk to them again, so what's the big deal?

what is the big deal?

i guess it just frustrates me that people are so shallow. maybe i wouldn't care so much if i was one of the beautiful people and i had dates lined up for the next month. am i envious of those pretty girls who get all the guys they want? hell yes i am. but is that right? god no.

i'm not saying i'm not shallow. i day dream about the hot boys and what i'd like to do to them, but it's not like it matters. i'd say i'm ten times more likely to go up and talk to an ugly boy than a cute one. i'm not very likely to go up and talk to anyone, however.

did i have a point? no, i don't really think so. it's late and i'm not making sense. i'm sick and tired, but i can't sleep. i'm just killing time here.
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