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hey you. i saw rushmore today. i missed the beginning. and i was really sick. so i need to see it again. still want to watch it with me? cuz i know i've been a real bitch. it doesn't help anything, but i'm sorry. we've always got Monday.

and you. you've ruined this song for me. well it wasn't you really. we know who it was. but you told me about it. and it was kinda like picking at an open wound. no worries, though. i live.

you. please god don't screw this up. i am to you what he was to me. so i keep coming back to you after you've hurt me because i'm stupid enough to think this time will be different. i'm begging you please. if you don't love me, then just end this right now. i will let you hurt me again. i will let you use me up and throw me away. i will let you kill me and you are.


need you dream you find you taste you
fuck you use you scar you break you
lose me hate me smash me erase me
kill me kill me kill me kill me
kill me kill me kill me kill me
Tags: heartspumpdust, jo3, tonyvortex
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