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i am really looking forward to this weekend. and i am not really looking forward to all the phone calls i have to make today. i can't believe all the stupid, irrational fears i've developed over the years. i have grown out of most of them (by sheer necessity), but this phone thing still remains. i've thought about getting rid of caller-id and voice mail on my cell so that i might actually answer an incoming call every now and then, but i don't think i would. it would be just like when i was living with my parents and i wouldn't answer the phone at all unless i was expecting someone important (like a prospective job, for instance).

oh welll... i used to be completely unable to even place an order at a fast food joint and i got over that (for the most part). so, this too will pass.

anyway, about this weekend, i'd like to go down and see wheninhell on saturday night, but i do not want to drive alone. anyone want to tag along?! my car kind of (totally) sucks, but it will get us there and back.


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