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talking from experience

i really like going up to carmel to talk with my dad. we actually think quite a bit alike, but i like hearing him say so because it makes me feel so much more confident that i'm doing the right things. i respect my dad so much.

so i've decided that i am definitely staying here at this apartment for at least another year. it would be awesome if i could find a roommate willing to share a one bedroom with me, but i will survive if i cannot. i guess that's the price you pay for queen sized beds. (but, pea_chuggie , you're welcome here if you could deal with the limited space. you could even have the bedroom!)

i think i will be in madison saturday and sunday morning. i've got a lot of catching up to do with micah, nicholas, wes and me0wkp. if anyone else wants to play, just hit me up on that cell!

i will be in bloomington sunday afternoon sometime to have chicken quesidillas with stewbot and i'm definitely looking forward to that! i also still need to see kill bill if there's anyone around there that hasn't been to see it yet or would like to see it again.

eh... i'm boring today. i'm still pretty wrecked from the lack of sleep last weekend and all the trauma and whatnot. but i am feeling pretty good and hope that the rest of you kids are well too.

take care.


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