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hello old friend

well, since insomnia and i are such good friends now, i figured lj and i could spend a little time together again. i added new pictures and a new color scheme to help me forget all of our struggles from the past. it didn't really help.

as usual, i'm pretty down in the dumps today. people say that's all i ever write about. well, if my depression annoys you so much, stop reading my page. i don't write for your entertainment.

i solved the rubik's cube today. but i'm not having much luck on a repeat performance. it's very frustrating. but challenges are fun. and, besides, i can't fucking sleep and this consumes a lot of time.

this is a very random update. i apologize. i know it's not much fun to read, but it's sort of halfway fun for me to write. more fun than playing snood anyway.

giftmas is only a week away. it sure doesn't feel like it. no snow yet. it's not even that cold. no tree. no decorations. and i already have all of my presents.


i'm a terribly boring girl, aren't i?

i want someone to schnuggle with at night. to hold and be held by. someone to tell me bedtime stories. to kiss me good morning. i don't even care if it's a boyfriend - i don't even care if it's a boy! i just don't want to be alone anymore.

it's a big empty bed. cold and lonely.
Tags: depression, giftmas, insomnia

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