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pixylayne: LOL.. hey.. at least I go and do not talk about being a jr/sr in college when all I have done is dropped out!

right, because it's so illogical to talk about the classes left for your junior and senior years after you've scheduled the last semester of your sophomore year...

ohhh... and burn! i forgot it was better to just not bother showing up to your classes and fail them all. and then it's even better to take those same classes all over again the next semester and fail those too for the exact same reason. yeah, you're right, wasting your parents' money is such a better way to go, especially when you have a baby on they way and need all the help you can get from them.

oh and vincennes? VU is a public, two-year, comprehensive, community college that features a full-service student residential environment. Our primary mission is to provide associate degree and certificate programs in a wide variety of academic and occupational majors leading to entry to a four-year university or to the workforce. it's ivy tech, jess. that's why you can get vincenne's degrees from ivy tech.

and, for the record, dropping out of school is not all i have done. in fact, judging from jess' first and second semesters at UofI, i think it's safe to say i'm further along in school than she is and in half the time. but, whatevs!

people think i'm embarrassed because i withdrew from school, but i'm not. i'm not at all sorry that i think my relationships and my (healthy) survival are more important than going to school, because--guess what--if i'm not surviving, then i'm not going to make it to school anyway. besides, life is about connecting and interacting with people. sure, self improvement fits in there too, but why bother, if you're going to spend your life alone? no one will be around to appreciate your good qualities.

that's the way i live my life and i am so happy with it.

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