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i love stupid people

i added them as friends just so i wouldn't have to check multiple pages to read their tripe. (plus i knew it would piss them off. yeah, i'm a bitch.)

and for some reason ramona_forever added me back. of course, she's too stupid to leave me out of her most private security level, so i got to read all the shit she and amber have had to say about me lately.

really, it was all the same garbage. but i did read that they wanted to piss on my guard hoodie and throw it on my doorstep. (seriously!) but amber is probably going to put it in her summer garage sale instead.

is it really too much to ask to just be a fucking adult and give the damn thing back? bleh. i do plenty of immature shit; i'll admit that. but that's just ridiculous.

i'm so sick of these idiots. i just want my goddamn hoodie back.


Apr. 19th, 2004 02:22 pm (UTC)
Ha, not because I'm stupid because I did it on purpose! Do you really think I give a shit if you read what we wrote about you? I'm sure you will say I'm lying about this since you like to turn things around. I do have multiple friends groups and you are in false. When you make fun of me you could at least make it truthful. I let you read everything that I had written so you could see that I had a total of 3 entries that mentioned you! If you noticed in my entries I was never pissed off about you adding me. I even wrote an entry about you not being a real person to me If you are going to tell the story, tell it all. I love how you are trying so hard to make yourself look better. You already made it so Amber won't write in her journal anymore; guess you wont' be happy until we are all gone. Oh yeah, why don't you copy and paste the "blast zone" entry?

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