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i love stupid people

i added them as friends just so i wouldn't have to check multiple pages to read their tripe. (plus i knew it would piss them off. yeah, i'm a bitch.)

and for some reason ramona_forever added me back. of course, she's too stupid to leave me out of her most private security level, so i got to read all the shit she and amber have had to say about me lately.

really, it was all the same garbage. but i did read that they wanted to piss on my guard hoodie and throw it on my doorstep. (seriously!) but amber is probably going to put it in her summer garage sale instead.

is it really too much to ask to just be a fucking adult and give the damn thing back? bleh. i do plenty of immature shit; i'll admit that. but that's just ridiculous.

i'm so sick of these idiots. i just want my goddamn hoodie back.


Apr. 13th, 2004 03:42 pm (UTC)
but i know why i put you back!
i think i was hurt when i heard that, but not offended. i respect everyone's right to hold whatever opinions they chose.

i know that most people don't get me at all and, because of that, i come off in a completely different way than intend to. but i thought you seemed smarter than most people and were most likely to understand me. (and now i see that you are!)

i'm glad that i can help you to stand up for yourself. i wish i'd been doing it all along. i feel like i've wasted so much time trying to be a good friend to people who didn't deserve (or appreciate) it. it seems like you are going through a lot of the same things i am and i sincerely hope you can grow as much as i have by being honest with yourself and others.

it seems so crazy that such a small thing could make such a big difference, but honesty is the (stable) foundation for every relationship we will ever have.

and i am finding that dishonesty is the one sin i can't forgive in people. so, i guess that's why i don't feel like i'm really being a bitch to any of these people. i honestly feel like they deserve much worse from me. i'm not going out of my way to hurt them and pick and their wounds. i'm just saying, "hey, you're a shitty person. i don't like that."

it'd be the same if they murdered someone and i said, "i think murder is wrong and i can't be your friend because you committed one." i'm not judging people personally. i'm judging (and condemning) the acts they perform. they're not bad people, and i've never said they are. they're just terrible friends to me. and i think i have every right to say that.

i wish that other people saw it that way. because i do come off like a bitch to a lot of other people who read my LJ. i'm glad you get me, though. it's comforting to have someone who understands without explanation.

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