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attn: madison guard girls

so, being the good friend that i am, i let someone borrow my madison guard hoodie a few months ago. and this someone, being the bitch that she is, is saying that she's donated it to goodwill. it's much more likely that she's just tossed it in the garbage. anyway, whatever the case may be, i am sure that i will never get that hoodie back from that brat.

so! i guess i'm going to have another one made, maybe this summer. i'd like to have someone else's to show them, so it will look exactly the same (and i won't be the oddball at our summer reunion party). so if you still have one that i could borrow for this purpose, let me know. or, i guess, if you need a replacement, then let me know that too.

also, i really like this idea of a summer reunion party. i never really got to have too many good times with too many of you girls because of our age differenecs and our eventual teacher-student relationship (what a trip that was!).

well, thanks in advance for any help!

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