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hooray! i do get to take japanese instead of lousy spanish. i'm so excited!

also, my summer calculus class is eight weeks instead of six. two weeks may not seem like much, but they are a great relief to me. i mean this class is 16 weeks in the fall. that's a big damn difference.

jo3 and i will be taking the japanese class together in the fall. maybe after class we will go play dance dance and dicuss the mall sluts and anime fags in another language.

ahh... thinking about foreign languages takes me back to those good old days in herr keach's class. beejay_core used to cover up with sheets of newspaper and sleep under the desk. wes abplanalp's german name was adolf. DAS WETTER board (es ist sehr heiss!) kyle woodfill stole the answer keys to all the tests. patrick cantwell actually knew german. michael sparks opened ten bags of m&ms and committed heinous acts of genocide on the yellow(?) ones. everyone got credit for writing "ich weiss nicht" (= "i don't know") on their exams, even if they used it more than once. and keach never failed to fall asleep during the oral part of the exam.

wes told me once that i was supposed to get some sort of award for german during honors day or the other senior day. a really nice pen and some medal. but keach gave it to him, since i didn't graduate and all. OPS! i lose high school!

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