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a few entries back i wrote about how i think it will be sad for ben and jess's kids to find out some day that they were accidents.

ben took offense to this and now i am dead to him. whatever.

everyone knows they have a kid. and everyone knows they are not married.

and maybe everyone wasn't thinking about it, but i think we can all agree that no kid wants to look at his birth certificate and figure out that he was an accident.

i know people that did go through that. it's the kind of thing that can make you wonder whether you are a blessing or a burden when your parents are experiencing hardships.

and, hey, maybe things have changed since i was born and they don't even put the dad's name on the birth certificate anymore so little ayden won't have to find out that way.

anyway, i wasn't passing judgments on ben or jess (or their babies for that matter) in that other entry. i'm just saying that i think that's a sucky thing for any kid to go through. and witnessing their situation has made me all the more careful with my future. i think it's important to learn from other people's mistakes as well as your own.

and if people can't separate observation and deduction from judgment, than that's their problem. i'm not going to apologize for using sound, logical deduction to make my life better.

get over it.


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Apr. 2nd, 2004 02:21 pm (UTC)
damn you're being harsh lately amanda

I was an accident, and if you were on purpose, I'm never going to use condoms again
Apr. 2nd, 2004 02:33 pm (UTC)
ahrsh reality
i'm not making harsh judgments here. i'm just observing the situation. if people aren't happy with the true reality of their lives, that's not my fault.

i'm not hammering her family. i haven't said jess is a bad mum or ayden is a bad kid.

why you people can't understand that what i said is if this situation played out exactly like that of someone else i know ten years down the road it could cause some deep emotional issues.

i didn't say ANYTHING about how accidental pregnancies make better or worse kids or better or worse parents.

but, whatever.
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